Welcome to the AM3Lab at the University of Arkansas!

The AM3 Lab is dedicated to developing next generation 3D printing technologies and promoting the use of 3D printing technology to better our lives through excellent research, education, and service to the global 3D printing community. 

Vision Statement

Individuals have never been so powerful in the entire human history due to the personalized devices, such as personal computers and smart phones. 3D printing technology is literally bringing the individual power into a new dimension by blurring the boundary between information and physical products. As a result, our society is facing two paradigm shifts: from the era of personal computing to personal fabrication and from the era of mass production to mass customization. The AM3 Lab envisions to pioneer the paradigm shifts by developing next generation (cheaper, faster, better) 3D printers and expanding the applications of 3D printing technology to every aspect of our life. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the AM3 Lab is threefold:

  • Research: To conceive, research, and develop the next generation cheaper, faster, and better 3D printers that can compete with existing manufacturing methods in terms of cost efficiency and functionality but with far better capability and flexibility, and to take advantage of the unique capability of 3D printing technology for multi-scale and multi-material patterning to improve existing products and develop new products.
  • Education: To train the next generation researchers and professionals who can bring 3D printing technology to the next stage, and who can improve and expand the applications of 3D printing technology to improve our lives.
  • Service: To establish local 3D printing community and serve the local industry, academia, and government at the State of Arkansas and provide service to the global 3D printing community.

Research Assistantships Available 

The AM3 Lab is looking for highly motivated outstanding graduate and undergraduate students as well as postdocs to join force to carry out the mission of the lab. The current openings can be found here. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Zhou at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy of their CV.