Courses Taught by Professor Zhou

MEEG 3503 - Mechanics of Fluids 


Course Objectives

  • To provide an intuitive understanding of the fundamental concepts of fluid mechanics;
  • To learn how to apply the fundamental principles (conservation of mass, momentum, and energy) to describe complex fluid mechanics;
  • To develop the ability to define and simplify real-world fluid mechanics problems with appropriate assumptions;
  • To demonstrate the use of scaling analysis in fluid mechanics;
  • To encourage students to interact and learn from each other. 


Textbook: Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications, Cengel & Cimbala, 3rd Ed.

Course Syllabus | Home experiments

MEEG 491/591 - Additive Manufacturing 

3d-printing-from-powerretail-com 300

Course Objectives

  • To provide a survey of existing and emerging AM processes;
  • To provide an overview of the emerging opportunities and critical challenges;
  • To learn how to build a 3D printer;
  • To introduce the fundamental concepts and physical principles underlying AM processes;
  • To understand the unique advantages of AM technologies and their limitations for existing and emerging applications;
  • To provide hands-on laboratory experience with AM technologies


Textbook: Gibson, Rosen, Stucker, Additive Manufacturing Technologies: Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing. Springer, 2009.

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